Fitness Challenge

The Fitness Challenge sifts out the fittest among our men, as the divisions faced off against one another on the tracks of Choa Chu Kang stadium. Participants pushed, crunched and ran hard in the various IPPT stations, such as 2.4km run, sit-ups and push-ups. Not forgetting the 40m linear sprint and 4 x 800m relay run segments. As the dust of battle settled, only the fittest few stood as winners. It was a fierce battle among the men, as they contended for the title of Fitness Challenge Champion!


2015 – 2016
Overall Champion PROCOM
NSmen Team Category NSF Team Category
Champion ‘A’ Division 1st Division
1st Runner-Up PROCOM NSTI

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The Fitness Challenge is a MSD event, which is held annually for the divisions. Do enquire with your division, or email if you wish to participate in the event.